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Day one at Microsoft’s WPC – complete, and what an adventure it was.

Things kicked off at 7:30 when we left the hotel. I instantly felt the same feeling as last year, the excitement of arriving at something so big and energising. We’re not alone in this – you could feel the buzz in anticipation of what was to come. Of course everybody welcomed the air-con, which was a pleasant break from the 100 degree heat outside.

Moving into the main keynote theatre always highlights the sheer scale of WPC, the variety of organisations from across the globe coming together to celebrate being a part of the Microsoft story. After some fantastic introductions, we moved into Sataya’s speech. His passion for Microsoft’s message and WPC was clearly evident through his energy, sincerity and inspiring insights.

After some incredible demos we moved into specialised sessions. We were delighted to speak at Ingram Micro’s business transformation event which was VERY busy with a packed room of 200+ people. Such discussions on improving the experience of users is so important in ensuring that we build solutions for people rather than reverse engineer technology.

A fantastic car we saw at WPC

We then joined some of the world’s premier partners for a networking lunch to share ideas and visions for the cloud. Meeting so many great people is such a testament to Microsoft’s focus of bringing partners together.

Afternoon saw us meet with Steve Luper, the uber clever global azure lead, to discuss the future of the cloud and understand how we as a business can continue to innovate and remain ahead of the pack.

We then met a Wookie and Storm Trooper and discussed the possibility of our out-running the millennium falcon at the parsec run. I had no idea that Wookies spoke with an American accent!

We finished the day with a Disney speedway driving experience – it may have been the best part of my day 🙂


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