Worried about security in the Cloud?

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Worried about security in the Cloud?

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By Jake, Marketing | April 5, 2012

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Most people that you talk to about the cloud seem to be think that there are issues with security. From our experience, this is definitely not the case and we will try explain why.

You may have read that Cloud computing is not new, and in fact it is just a branding/marketing exercise to rebrand a service commonly known as the Internet. In basic terms, Cloud computing is a service that allows you to stream processing power and data from a remote location. This could be something like accessing your email via Google, buying a product online from Amazon or streaming a video from YouTube.

So how does security fit in to this? Okay let’s talk about online banking. I suspect you, as do I, use this service and it has changed the way we deal with our finances. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I visited the bank. Are you worried about the security of this service? I know I would be more devastated if someone got in to my bank as opposed to my PC documents! I have the confidence that my bank take care of the clever stuff to do with security so I don’t need to.

The same is true of Cloud computing.

Unless you are NASA, you can be sure that the security in the Cloud is far superior to that of your office. Your Cloud provider will invest literally 100’s of thousands of pounds on their security to ensure your data is always safe. In fact they have an obligation to do so, and more so their businesses rely it. If a Cloud provider became a victim of a cyber attack, customers would abandon them in their droves.

Typically most businesses will have a Firewall (if they are lucky) but that is it. No considerations are given to technologies such as Intrusion detection or technology to avoid things like a DDOS attack.  This means in reality that your network is more vulnerable than any cloud service you could ever buy.

So the reality is, if you think the Cloud is insecure, look at your current security considerations and then reconsider which is more secure.

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