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Social has revolutionised the way we communicate in our personal lives. Imagine how it can impact the way we work – especially in today’s constantly changing business environment. Every person in your organization holds valuable information and experience but, chances are, your business systems are keeping conversation and content trapped in silos. 

With an Enterprise Social Network, companies can align and adapt quickly to change by breaking down geographical and organizational barriers, opening communication channels and access to information, and bringing people together to achieve a common goal. But “working social” is more than just a newsfeed – it’s a journey that will transform the way your organization works together. 

RedPixie understands that simply figuring out where to begin can be the hardest part. That’s why we developed our Yammer services – to walk you through the social journey step by step.

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Is Yammer right for your business?

– Unlock silos of information and experience 

– Increase information transparency and availability 

– Encourage open communication across teams  

– Empower people to work together more easily

– Adapt quickly to change 

– Break down barriers – organisational and geographical