Increase the productivity of your users, free up valuable resources of your service desk and always have up to date directory information.

Quick to install, simple to use and enterprise grade ready from £1 per user per month.

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uDezk delivers a better user experience by bringing many key self-service features together in one place. Users can request and gain instant access to a broad range of services based on a simple approval from the service owner. uDezk integrates with leading infrastructure technologies and IT tools to deliver value business users will appreciate.

Business users get frustrated having to use numerous self-service portals to request and access everyday important IT services. This often results in the users calling the help desk because it’s easier for them. This erodes the value in the investment IT has made to develop and deploy multiple solutions.

uDezk addresses this by putting all the important IT “stuff” your users need into a single intuitive portal.

“Delivering a better self-service experience to end users and removing costs from the business”

My Profile

All your people information up-to-date at all times in your directory to ensure other key business processes work. Organisation charts and team photo walls created dynamically from good people data.

My Apps

Your manager or alternate approver hits the button, you get your apps. uDezk integrates with any software delivery or streaming system that uses directory groups to authorise access to applications.

My Passwords

Users unlock their own accounts and reset their own passwords if they can answer their security questions. Each user also has a secure personal vault for storing other user accounts and passwords they use.

My Services

Based on the business roles that users hold, they simply request access to services they can see and on a single approval click from a manager or service owner, access is granted.

Auditing & Controls

Your IT team has all the visibility, controls and audit logs they need. This helps address any concerns that exist in providing the levels of self-service that uDezk delivers.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is there a trial version/Demo?

A: There is a fully featured trial version enabled by providing an evaluation license key.

Q: How many users can use uDezk?

A: a. uDezk scales to support the largest businesses.

Q: Do you provide a managed service/ Do you provide account management services for uDezk?

A: uDezk ships with 16 hours of support annually as part of any subscription purchase. Additional support hours can be purchased but uDezk boasts a very low maintenance overhead.

Q: What happens if my business increases or cuts down the number of employees?

A: The license count and agreement can be changed easily before the renewal of the annual subscription.

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