Windows 10 has arrived!

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Like most, when we saw the previews we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this fantastic update, and now we are delighted to say that it has been officially released!

Windows 10 is a complete overhaul of their previous OS, Windows 8.1, with one of the best features being the fact that it was built on the feedback of users. Microsoft have also promised that it will continually evolve to meet ongoing expectations.

Microsoft have taken this opportunity to coalesce all of the individual features they have been working on over the past few years, such as the now native integration of Cortana and a hybrid Start Menu. From the improved user experience to the beautiful flat icons in Windows Explorer [yes we are specific], there are just too many great features to share in one blog.

What we can do is share a few of our favourites, so here are our top 4 features of Windows 10. It wasn’t too hard, we have no doubt that you will discover even more great tools.

1. Cortana

Firstly, and not apologetically is the introduction of Cortana. Microsoft have really thrown the kitchen sink at this one, they like to think of it as your ‘digital personal assistant’ and we’d have to agree.

Cortana is front and centre on the start menu and can be used for anything from the menial tasks of checking weather and stock prices, to finding documents, searching through the web and reminding you to pick up flowers when you next pass a florist [phew!]. Gone are the days of manually searching through emails or finding important information, Cortana will get it for you, and remember for next time. But don’t worry, it will only recall what you want it to, your privacy will always remain intact.

Cortana on Microsoft Devices

2. Snipping tool

Not a feature you are likely to see on many Windows 10 blogs! But at Cloudamour we are continually sending what we see to colleagues and customers, and Snipping Tool is the best way of doing it.

But there has always been a problem; what if you want to take a photo after something has happened, such as a dynamic page? Welcome the new ‘delay feature’. Simply click and set a time when you would like to take your snip – done! From there you are able to quickly email, edit or copy it.

3. Multiple desktops

Sometimes it is better to work on two things at once, and Windows 10 has conquered that with its multitasking. Whether it is having many applications on screen, or swiftly moving between virtual desktops, it is now easier than ever.

When you start to place an application on one side of the screen you are quickly promoted to pick another to fill the other half, making it really easy to get work done.

You will also find that quickly moving applications onto different desktops is really helpful when organising what you want to work on when it is convenient to you. No longer will you need to repeatedly open and close various applications and programs, simply create a secondary desktop.

Multiple Desktops on Windows 10

4. Start menu

This has been a big topic for years, many asked to bring back the old start menu, so Microsoft have done one better. They have combined it with the great UI of Windows 8. This means you will easily be able to get at your recent applications #winning.

You can also seamlessly search your PC, see the news, and get live updates from a variety of sources.

I am sure you will agree, there are just so many different areas where they have tried to benefit your experience across all devices; whether it be a PC, tablet or phone.

That’s all folks

Cortana integration, snipping tool, multiple desktops and yes the start menu – those are our favourites. But we would love to hear yours. So make sure to comment below.


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» Image Source: Microsoft

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