Why Your Staff Need To Be Able To Work From Anywhere

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Why Your Staff Need To Be Able To Work From Anywhere

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By Jake, Marketing | June 10, 2013

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“If you want peace, prepare for war” – Latin Proverb.

For a successful IT infrastructure it is essential that your business not only has the most efficient, sustainable and scalable systems, but also that your company has solutions in place to minimise damage to your business in case the worst happens. It is essential that your staff can work and help run your business from wherever they live or wherever they are. For less dramatic situations, like an office move, The Cloud allows you to work from the coffee shop across the road without halting your productivity one bit. Your staff don’t panic and more importantly, your clients aren’t frustrated that your company is temporarily closed.

A business is better when it has a physical hub of creativity, ideas and management. However, every forward thinking CEO makes sure that his staff are able to access all the company files and data simply and securely from anywhere and any device.

Sometimes the best people are not always nearby and there are a surprising majority of jobs done in your office that would be done just as effectively from home. This doesn’t mean that your office isn’t the centre of your business but giving your staff (and yourself) the choice is just one way that the cloud is evolving the traditional workplace. This may be scary to some employers who feel that this is the end of the office environment when in the fact the opposite is true. Those who need and want to create a collaborative environment are free to do so without the unhelpful (and henceforth unnecessary) presence of people working isolated on their own projects.

The Cloud is seeing the end of the ‘clock in, clock out’ approach to working and allows staff to fully emerse themselves in their work – Instead of associating work with a long journey and slumping in a stuffy train. By giving your staff the opportunity to answer emails and begin work as soon as they get up in their own homes, you are promoting a greater synergy between work and and home lives as well as delivering a better service to your clients.

You may want your staff to be as close as possible, and some in fields it is mandatory, but the ability for your staff to work at home (or anywhere else for that matter) if they need/want to is liberating for your business. Giving your staff this choice not only makes them happier but also encourages them to think of their work as part of them, as apposed to filling a role.

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