Why SME’s must move to the Cloud

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Why SME’s must move to the Cloud

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By Jake, Marketing | April 11, 2012

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Without question, IT is at the heart of every business. Without it, pretty much every business in the world would be at a severe disadvantage or be very quickly out of business. FACT! So why don’t businesses invest more of their time and resources in to developing an IT strategy to help improve their business?

The main problem with SME’s and their IT is that they have little internal resources or expertise to drive and evolve the IT functions of the business. They are typically too busy running their own businesses; they do not have time, and typically the desire to create a cohesive and logical IT strategy. It is understandable why small to medium businesses have such a little chance of surviving in the world of commerce. However, there is now a seismic shift in the world of IT and this problem is about resolved.

An experienced business owner will tell you, it is highly advisable to continually review your operational costs as well as improving your service. These two factors can make or break a business.

Our experience shows us that SME’s can transform their businesses if they had access to the kind of tools that are typically the domain of large corporate enterprises. With these powerful tools at their disposal, they would literally over overnight improve their efficiency, reduce their costs. This is the dream of most business owners. However how about if we threw in to the mix that they would also deliver a better service, be more proactive and communicative with their customers, which, in turn allowed them to win more business and make more money. Does this sound like a vision of Nirvana? Fortunately not! This is real and is happening to companies throughout the world today. 

Welcome to the Cloud.

If you are anything like us, Apps have changed your world. If you are not providing a torch light to a dark cupboard, you are probably drawing something or even playing scrabble!

Think about what having an app store could do your businesses. Suppose you needed to have video conference call with a partner in the USA and one in France; just setup the app and you are using the service within minutes. You want to create a weekly newsletter for your customers? No problem, there’s an app for that.

By moving your IT to the Cloud, you will literally go from zero to hero overnight. No longer will you be at a disadvantage when competing against large businesses, you will have the same ability to win and deliver the service and often even better!  But more importantly, you are protecting your business far beyond your wildest dreams.

The only limitation with the Cloud is your imagination (and we’re trying to write an app for that to). 

Just decide how quickly you want your business to grow, and then let cloudamour and the Cloud take you there.

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