Why only relying on the Cloud for backups is a BAD idea.

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Why only relying on the Cloud for backups is a BAD idea.

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By Jake, Marketing | January 28, 2013

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The tragedy of hurricane Sandy showed us that externally backing up data is essential to the infrastructure of any company. Horror stories of flooded offices losing everything filled the news, followed closely by stories of the IT providers who saved the day for more conscientious business owners.

The cloud has proved itself as an essential part of a modern company’s backup disaster recovery plan, however, relying solely on the cloud’s external server poses similar risk to relying solely on an on-site server.
For many businesses, digital information is not a marketing choice or a useful tool but the essence of the business itself. We are now using more data than ever before and the data is often central to our business structure.  Despite this, many businesses do not take the necessary steps to protect data.
So what is the best way to minimise your businesses chance of irrecoverable data loss?
The best solution is known as ‘Triple Play Backup’.
This consists of a combination of local backup, second backup and a data restore point. First, make sure all devices that hold business data are backed up to a device in your workplace. This does not include computers/laptops. This can either be a NAS or a SAN and it should be on a device used purely for storage and backup.
The second part should be some kind of external or offsite backup. This is where the cloud really comes into its own and is unparalleled in its ease of use, scalability and security.
The last part of ‘Triple Play Backup’ is the data restore point, this is the place that serves as an instant response point when data loss occurs at your place of business. This is often fed by a source from the cloud to ensure the synergy of the local and external data sources, keeping everything up to date and synchronised.
It is often not practical to implement a system of the kind in one go, it can be done incrementally as long as a goal is eventually worked towards. A knowledgeable IT provider can provide you with a practical plan to make sure your company’s data and IT infrastructure is as safe as possible.

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