Why it’s great being an apprentice at RedPixie

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by Rhys Merritt

Firstly let me begin with how I made my ‘journey’ here so you can understand my scenario, I didn’t take the obvious transition from school or college directly into an apprenticeship. At 22 years old I’m considered an older apprentice candidate although unlike many other apprentices I’ve had previous work experience albeit in a different field. My aim was to take a dramatic career change into IT and from my initial experience it appears my decision to join RedPixie was correct.

RedPixie genuinely do care about employee development and monitor this closely. This is visible at every career level not just isolated to entry level – all employees are encouraged and supported to better themselves through training, certifications or relevant experiences. This development cycle is particularly important for those who are just starting their careers, like myself.

We currently have 3 apprentices; which is an indication of the commitment the company has for taking on new employees and developing them appropriately. We are treated with the same respect as any other employee and all gain great working exposure, given sufficient responsibilities to enhance our development as quickly as possible.

I really appreciated the experiences I had been through after my first block of training with my apprenticeship provider, I was surprised at how little exposure other apprentices had. AtRedPixie It was normality for me to be granted the same duties as my colleagues. After initial training I was soon taking support calls, working with a range of technologies and had even attended various clients’ sites.

RedPixie offers a fast paced working environment, with great opportunities – It’s a pleasure working alongside passionate employees; their enthusiasm encourages you to strive to be the best. I would have no hesitation to suggest an apprenticeship withRedPixie, so far it’s been an exhilarating experience.


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