Why does Cloud Computing save you money?

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Why does Cloud Computing save you money?

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By Jake, Marketing | June 22, 2012

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100 years ago if you owned a manufacturing plant with machinery you had to buy and maintain an electricity generator that constantly needed fuel & maintenance. More so if it broke down your business stopped! Then came along the national power grid and literally overnight businesses no longer had to run their own generators, they just plugged in to the grid and ‘voila’ the machines just worked. The fuel and the maintenance of the generator was someone else’s problem and because of the economies of scale, the cost of supplying fuel to the business dropped massively.Now the exciting bit, the IT world has just gone through this same evolution and it’s called ‘Cloud Computing’.Whether you are a 1 user or a 5000 user business, Cloud Computing is a game changer and will have a positive impact on your business. Once implemented you will have all the tools your business so badly needs but historically were out of your reach due to costs (remember you don’t need the power generator anymore). Cloud Computing means you never need to buy servers, software and licenses ever again. You’ll never need to worry about your backups or the security and integrity of your data. Everything just works without you having to do a thing.Cloud computing will enhance your abilityimprove your securitysave you money and guarantee you 100% uptime!Cloudamour is the next generation of IT Service providers that helps business small and large to start enjoying the power of the Cloud. We call this service ‘instant enterprise’ and we’re pretty sure you will amour the experience 🙂If you would like to know more or to arrange a demo to see how we can transform your business, contact us on 020 7112 2033

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