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I have always loved IT. Back in 1984 when I was the tender age of 13 my birthday cake was a ZX Spectrum. I thought I was the Bill Gates of my time. I vividly remember buying my weekly computer magazine to get my fix of code that I spent hours meticulously inputting in to my PC. I can still recollect the sense of achievement that I got by seeing a line go up and down and ball bouncing from one side of the screen to the other.  

Unfortunately today computing is a very different proposition. More so IT in businesses is a big problem. Infrastructures are typically complex, expensive and more often than not the people that manage them are less than capable of doing so. More so, most business owners weren’t programming computers at the age of 13 and as such they don’t understand the disciplines and technological requirements to ensure IT systems remain available and secure.

However, change is a coming.

You have to be living on another planet if you haven’t heard about Cloud Computing. Everywhere you read everything starts with Cloud. But what does it actually mean. Now before you drift off thinking I’m about to get all technical trying to explain what Cloud Computing is, be assured this is not the purpose of this blog. I want to tell you in plain English why Cloud computing is the saviour of the enterprise and why your business needs to do this today without delay.

Every company from a gardener to an international bank has some form of IT. Whilst their IT spend maybe in different leagues, the common denominator is that they both hurt the same when they lose their data. Simply put Cloud computing addresses this problem.

If you are like me you’ll have a personal email address with either Google or Microsoft. Why do you have this? The answer is probably one if not all of the following reasons:

a) it’s easy to use
b) you can access it from anywhere
c) it doesn’t matter if your pc blows up as your data isn’t stored on it
d) it doesn’t let in viruses or SPAM
e) it works with a PC, a MAC, a tablet or a mobile phone.
f) no matter what device you use, the information is the same on them all
g) even if your internet at home or the office goes down, you still get email on your mobile

Despite what you might think, Cloud computing is not new and in its simplest form, Gmail and Hotmail is Cloud computing. You log in to use the service and it just works. You don’t need to know old or new the server is; you don’t need to worry about the backups or is the Antivirus up to date. In fact none of this is your concern. You just expect to be able log on and have access to your data at any time from any location. This is the premise that Cloud computing offers and delivers.

Forget about the negative press you hear about Cloud computing. This is just spin created from the major vendors who are struggling to acclimatise to the new world. Cloud computing means for people like Dell that they can no longer sell multiple servers to the consumer and this will hurt them. For obvious reasons, Cloud Computing is the anti-Christ for them.

Security is another favourite for people who try and damn Cloud computing. Let me answer this one very quickly. How do you do your banking? Do you go in to a bank or do you log on line? If you log on line to do your banking then you are using Cloud computing.

One thing I can definitely guarantee is that if the Cloud is suitable for hosting environments for the Ministry of Defence or the NHS then it is definitely okay for your business.

So in a nut shell, if you are considering buying new IT equipment or even renewing the warranty on your existing KIT, think again as there is a better, slicker and more secure way of doing business. Like with the evolution of the computers in the workplace, unless you jump on the Cloud bandwagon soon you WILL be left behind and wondering why all your competitors have over taken you!

At cloudamour it is our sole mission to help businesses of all sizes leverage the power of the cloud and transform their businesses. Almost overnight we can turn a business with a poor quality / high risk IT system into a world class platform that will ensure that our clients businesses never fail due to IT issues. We call this service ‘instant enterprise’ and without exception every single one of our clients are emphatic about it.

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