Who’s the best Cloud Provider?

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Who’s the best Cloud Provider?

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By Jake, Marketing | February 8, 2013

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There has been much discussion about who the best Cloud providers are; there are countless ‘Top 10’ lists on blogs and IT websites with experts attempting to pinpoint the most trusted and reliable providers. However, the answer to who is ‘the best’ is not as clear cut as many would like it to be. This may come as a frustration to potential Cloud users who are desperately seeking a simple solution. Despite this, there is help at hand.

The IT industry is unlike any other in it’ progressive and fast-changing nature, as a result many companies are looking to fill a niche instead of attempting to become the biggest fish in a giant ocean. Cloud Computing, a relatively new and emerging IT phenomenon, requires the presence of companies with a unique and particular speciality.
Many times when choosing a Cloud provider, geography must be taken into account. For companies operating in the financial sector, it is essential that data is physically stored inside the parameters of the company’s country of operation. For other companies, the physical location of data is of no concern. There is also the issue of whether the right choice for your company is the public or private Cloud. When using the public Cloud your business shares its infrastructure and therefore is better suited for non-sensitive information. The charges for data and apps on the public are also less than on the public Cloud. The private Cloud is priced higher but offers a higher level of security. These elements need to be taken into consideration for the progression and operation of your business.
A Cloud consultant like Cloudamour can help create a bespoke package for your business, taking into consideration the compliance and operating needs of your company. Cloudamour is a vender agnostic company, with no bias towards any particular provider. We prescribe clients with the right solution for their requirements, which continuous support to help you in your migration and beyond.
To discuss the right package and solution for your business call Cloudamour on 020 7112 2033 or email hello@cloudamour.com

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