When Is The Best Time To Move To The Cloud?

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 At your business’s conception.

If you are in the process of starting a business or putting together your IT infrastructure, it would be wise to consider the cloud as an option. The cloud is instantly scalable, meaning that you evade the initial set-up and IT maintenance costs associated with a new business. As well as this, all costs are predictable so you aren’t caught short when your business is at it’s most vulnerable.

 When your server-system collapses.

 This is often the time where the benefits of the cloud become all-too-obvious. Instead of carrying on with an antiquated system and putting yourself in the path of risk again, learn from your mistakes and implement a cloud-based system. The cloud not only minimises risk of data loss, it also gives your IT budget a relief from the crippling cost of keeping and maintaining a server. 

 When moving to a new premises.

 Businesses often need an excuse to move to the cloud, the idea of disrupting IT systems during the working day is unmentionable. An office move is one of the best times to equip your business with the most reliable, efficient and cost effective IT system possible. The idea of moving offices often brings tears at the thought of having to buy and set up a new server system, forego this stress by opting for the cloud.

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