What Are Your Thoughts on Windows 10?

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Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Windows 10 release at the end of July 2015, RedPixie have already deployed it to a pilot group, with a view to having the entire firm migrated by the end of August. We thought we would share early anecdotal feedback from some of our pilot users.

Stuart Anderson, Data and Product Lead
“I’m impressed with Windows 10 so far! The upgrade from 8.1 was really smooth, only took about an hour and all of my applications still worked afterwards, including Visual Studio 2013. The only small issue I had was my keyboard settings changing from UK to US but that was easily fixed. It’s good to have the old style start menu back!”

Jonathan Donovan, Consultant Engineer
“Using Windows 10 has been a consistent experience so far. From my view it combines both the best of 7 and 8.1 giving more control back to user while utilising a modern interface. I found the upgrade process very smooth and allowed me to continue working right where I left off.”

Simon Bullers, CEO
“I can summarise my experience of Windows 10, in three words “I love it”. This is the coming of age for the Microsoft Platform, a new dawn and I like it. Cortana is planning my life for me and ensuring I get to work on time! I am already previewing the next release of Office (2016) and that is the icing on the cake.”

Cliff Dabbs, Senior Technical Architect
“Windows 10 came out recently and we have been very busy looking at all the new features and functionality. We are already seeing it’s a fast operating system, it’s got a nice clean interface and some key treasured features from Windows 7 are back. So we are keen to get on and use Windows 10 across the business!”

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