We’ve Moved To A New Office! Here’s 3 Ways That The Cloud Helped Us

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We’ve Moved To A New Office! Here’s 3 Ways That The Cloud Helped Us

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By Jake, Marketing | April 30, 2013

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Our recent office move really brought to the forefront what we already knew about the strength of cloud computing for a businesses’ growth, sustainability and security.

Here’s 3 ways The Cloud really showed its worth during our office move:

1. We had no downtime.

We were operating business as normal from a laptop connected to The Cloud with literally no downtime. This meant that we had no time where where didn’t have complete access to our client information and complete IT infrastructure. Where usually there would be anticipation at how long the new IT system would take to set-up, the only things we had to worry about was where we wanted to put tables and chairs. This means better service for our clients and no frustrating messages saying we’re unreachable between certain dates or times.

2. Everything was backed up and secure.

All of our valuable (and even non valuable) data was completely backed up, so there was no anxiety about whether anything would get lost, broken or forgotten in the move. Moving to a new premises can be stressful enough without having to worry about losing crucial business data.

3. A better working environment.

A large stuffy server room can really dampen the atmosphere of an office as well as taking up valuable working space, the absence of this means that all the space in our office is working space. This is beneficial in terms of effeciency but also makes for a better atmosphere – especially for smaller businesses. Something else we hadn’t previously considered is that because The Cloud allows you to work from anywhere in the world, the staff working in our office are there because they choose to collaborate and share ideas with each other. This is conducive to a creative atmosphere with a clear focus on the business, eliminating the staleness of traditional office environments.

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