Top 10 annoying things about working from home

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Top 10 annoying things about working from home

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By Jake, Marketing | June 24, 2014

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Working from home may sound like the dream scenario. However there are a number of potential problems that can turn the homeworking dream into a nightmare. Here are our top 10 annoyances.

1. Half term interruptions
Working from home is perfect during term time when the house is empty. School holidays mark an end to tranquillity however and you may find yourself trying to manage kids and workloads simultaneously, making the job even harder.

2. Household distractions
All those creature comforts that make your house your home are also massive distractions when working. TVs, radios and extended coffee breaks will all dent your concentration and productivity.

3. Connectivity issues
Your broadband connection at home will never be quite as good as the one in the office – frustrating when you’re trying to transfer large files or use resources back at the office. This inefficiency will have a direct effect on your productivity.

4. Poor resources
Your company probably expects you to dial-in to access the data and software you need to do your job. This makes the process even slower and more complicated – unless you are lucky enough to have access to Cloud-based systems like Microsoft Office 365.

5. Loneliness
Sitting at home working quietly might be ok for the first few days, but after a while it gets pretty lonely. No chit-chat, no venting and no one to bounce ideas off can be soul-destroying after a while.

6. Phone
You may find that working from home means your phone rings a lot more, breaking your concentration and affecting productivity. You may even need to take client calls on your personal mobile or landline – definitely not helpful for maintaining a division between work and home life (assuming you haven’t taken advantage of Microsoft Lync).

7. Reduced opportunities
By being outside the office, you are also outside the political circus. This may seem like a good thing on the surface, but it could also harm your career prospects. Don’t be surprised to see your office-based colleagues promoted ahead of you simply because they ‘know’ the team better than you.

8. Prejudices
Many of your (jealous) co-workers may think that “working from home” is code for “slacking off”. Statistics suggest that people working from home are not only more productive, but they put in more hours each week. Just don’t be surprised if some of your colleagues are dismissive of your efforts.

9. Technical problems
Back at the office your IT team are on hand to resolve any technical issues. At home it’s all down to you. So you have to fix your own problems on top of your standard workload.

10. Work life balance
When you leave the office in the evening, you also leave your workload at the door. When you work from home, that distinction is much harder to create and maintain. You may find that you end up working longer each day, sacrificing your own time in the process.

In general, working from home is great. So long as you can deal with each of these annoyances.

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