Think Jam upgrade to RedPixie

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Think Jam are one of the world’s leading digital creative, pr and marketing agencies specialising in the exciting world of movies. With offices in both London and Los Angeles they employ over 70 people on as full time basis.

As a company with an international presence and international clients, Think Jam’s offices never close. Their IT requirements are diverse and often mission critical. They host websites for their clients as well as holding sensitive and highly confidential information. Working with high profile clients such as 20th Century Fox, Warner And Disney it is paramount (excuse the pun) that their systems are always available without exception.

After going through a vendor selection process Think Jam engaged with cloudamour to review their IT infrastructure and design a solution that effectively supported their continued growth.

The most mission critical service within the company was Email. Email downtime was not an option as their clients, staff and partners were demanding and unforgiving when it came to IT problems. More so, Think Jam wanted to protect their brand and credibility and as such one of our first tasks was to review their Email solution.

For over five years Think Jam has used an on-premise Microsoft Exchange solution. Whilst this worked, it had its limitations and the overhead of managing it was not something the company wanted to continue. As a result of Email being the preferred tool for transporting data to and from its clients, the database had become unwieldy and slow. They also started to see that Email archiving was a requirement for them due to mailbox size management as well as accountability to all electronic communications.

cloudamour not only considered the technical requirement of the company but also the technical ability the company. This research was fundamental to prescribing the correct solution. Why? Well whilst an exceptionally powerful tool, MS Exchange was not the only option available to them and Google Apps was an option that cloudamour felt was potentially a good fit. However in order to leverage the full power of Google Apps the company had to be technical enough to understand the merits of moving to a new platform. Luckily Think Jam has their own IT department and the IT manager was already a fan of Google Apps so the conversation to convince them wasn’t a long one!

After several weeks of brainstorming, planning and testing, Think Jam agreed to migrate their entire email services to the Google Apps platform. This solution not only gave them what they previously had but multiple additional benefits including:

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.997%
  • 10 year email archiving
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filtering
  • Unified Signatures
  • No more MS Exchange Licensing
  • No mail server in their offices
  • No more single points of failure

Think Jam now have a business class Email system that works across multiple platforms i.e. PC, MAC, Tablet, Smart Phone. They also have a system that not only underpins their existing requirement but one that will grow as big as they do without ever outgrowing the service.

Moving to the Cloud is probably one of the best IT decisions Think Jam will ever make. They have complete peace of mind that their Email is pretty much bullet proof and will only empower their business to do more and continue to grow to infinity and beyond (sorry couldn’t resist).

The products now used by Think Jam are Google Apps for Business and Google Postini Email Archiving

The services provided by cloudamour include: Fully Managed Service, Service Desk and Consultancy

If you would like to know more about how you Cloud computing can transform your business, please visit our site at or call us on 020 7112 2033.

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