The writer: my start at an innovative company

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Walking into RedPixie’s offices for the first time I can admit that my emotions were mixed. I was excited to be starting my new job albeit nervous too – however my worries had all been for nothing. Everyone in the office was really welcoming and friendly, and instantly made me feel part of a group. It is this approach that makes it such a fantastic atmosphere of both focus and fun.

The Writer

During my first couple of weeks I could be found writing many notes into my notebook I had brought with me to ensure I took in new information. Due to this, CEO of RedPixie, Mitchell decided he would name me “The Writer”. He was keen to convert me to electronic note taking promoting OneNote to me, even stopping to give me a demonstration and to make sure I had the app installed on my phone.

What I was most impressed by was that I could now take all my OneNote entries with me on the go from wherever I wanted and not have to worry about losing my notes or damaging them. This is made even more helpful because I am able to search through my information, rather than rapidly switching between pages.

Helpful technology

There is also a handy app called Office Lens which you can use to take pictures of any written notes and automatically upload them to a chosen notebook in OneNote. It was really cool tidbits like this which I came across daily. It’s one of the great benefits about a company-wide social network like Yammer, people are continually sharing tips.

As the weeks went by I was introduced to many useful Microsoft programs – some of which I was already familiar with and some which were totally new to me. But the most complex I have come across is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When I first started using CRM I was slightly worried/ overwhelmed about the complexity of the program but like many other programs after using it several times I could quite easily navigate my way around it. From CRM I can access client information, track and update service requests and send emails from one centralised support inbox.

And now…

With more weeks under my belt, and a lot more knowledge, I can tell you that working at RedPixie has been a real eye opener into the power of technology, and how helpful it can be.
I look forward to sharing more tips, and detailing my journey as it happens.

[Written in OneNote]

Written by Sophie Williams | Technical Apprentice, RedPixie

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    Great blog Sophie. I guess I’ll have to come up with a new name for you now!

    Keep up the great work.

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