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The top 3 cloud benefits to SMBs

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The challenges that SMBs have faced have not vastly changed in the past 20 years, however the solutions definitely have.

These solutions have been forged around one of the most influential tools in the current era – the cloud. This new means of utilising data can shape not only the company as an entity, but more importantly the people within.

Working in the SMB (Small Medium Business) team at Cloudamour I am continually conscious of this paradigm and therefore I have put together my top three benefits that the cloud can bring to businesses. While there are many more, these should give you a sense of the universality of its advantages.


1. Mobility: Mobility is an important tool to any business – specifically within the SMB range. More than just working outside the office, it allows people to enjoy the benefits of flexible working and therefore take advantage of their time.

In many cases staff are outside the office for much of the week, but they will not be able to access any of their documents until they reach an area with an internet connection. This means that they will be significantly slowed down and unable to work on prioritised matters. As such they become reliant to connecting through a secure VPN over a poor internet connection.

With Office 365, all of this is unnecessary. You can access your documents and emails from anywhere at any time. Therefore you don’t need to worry about getting into the office for the last hour of the day to reply to all of your emails. This old fashioned way of working will waste precious time and damage your work/life balance.

Work is no longer a location

2. Enterprise Grade IT: Traditionally, SMB’s would not have access to the same IT environment that an enterprise would. Increasing the gap between FTSE 500 companies and those trying to enter this space.

However, this is where Office 365 comes in.

Office 365 means businesses as small as 1 user can have access to enterprise grade IT systems allowing them to operate with the same security levels, SLA’s and quality that a 5,000 user company would be treated with. This is not just beneficial to the practices of the company but it ensures complete compliance and data security – so in the case of a fire of natural disaster, information is still accessible.


3. Cost Savings: Going back to the leading Cloud business software – Office 365; there is a great variety of payment options to be chosen from. All with different levels of functionality.

Ranging from £3.10 to £14.70 per user per month*, there is great flexibility in which route to take. Instead of dealing with servers and all of the associated costs surrounding them, you are only paying a monthly “rental” fee for the licenses. This fee will remain the same every month unless you add or remove licenses. Finally – paying for server licenses and maintenance are a thing of the past.


All together these three benefits unite to form real transformations, and provide a very worthwhile investment. While I have chosen the three listed above, there are many more to choose from, which when utilised, can usher in a new era of IT.

For any questions about Office 365 or cloud benefits, feel free to contact me anytime (I am in the cloud you see)

Ross Stern: 0203 002 4111 |


* This information was correct at the time of distribution

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