The cloud: A new beginning

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So everyone’s talking about the cloud, right? Whether you have your head firmly in the clouds or your feet are rooted to the floor, there is no denying that the cloud has revolutionized the way we interact. But the real question is, are you using its potential?

Having recently joined Cloudamour, I now see what a true “born in the cloud” company looks like, and how that impacts daily life.

Somethings never change: Like most Sales Managers, I still create and analyze spreadsheets in Excel. I still use a CRM database. I still make and receive phone calls. I still have regular one to ones with my team. I manage. I’m managed. I laugh. I stress. I go home at night, have a glass of wine and ready myself to do it all again tomorrow. The cloud hasn’t changed any of that.

However: The difference is that I now do everything quicker!

Some would say; how does the cloud really help my business? A lot!

All that stuff I just listed is sooooo much easier and quicker. Seriously. So now I do more of it, much more of it and I have more time to develop, coach and mentor our most important assets. This is what the cloud gives you, the most precious resource around – time. Time to work on new projects, time to improve and time to outpace your competition.

I know, I didn’t believe it either until I jumped in with both feet and embraced it. I’m learning to use tools and tech in a completely new way and I’m being taught by colleagues nearly half my age, with twice my knowledge. The future of the workforce they say – the future’s bright in my opinion.

I’ve worked in tech companies before, until now I’ve never practised what I’ve preached. You should try it.


Written from the cloud 🙂

Written by Neil McAllister | Sales Manager, Cloudamour | Follow Neil on Twitter | See his LinkedIn Profile

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