The Benefits of Dual Monitors

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The Benefits of Dual Monitors

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By Jake, Marketing | July 16, 2013

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Progression is marked in the laptop market by smaller and slimmer models. However, in the stationary workplace, there will always be a value put on to what is commonly referred to as ‘screen real estate’. A large screen provides you with a larger space in which to view more of the document or file you you working, this is beneficial for some industries but redundant for others. Dual screens have infinitely more benefits than just space, not just making working on a large document easier but increasing the speed and efficiently with which you deal with a whole variety of different tasks, day-to-day and otherwise.

Multiple screens can help your office remain paperless without any additional effort, many users delegate one screen for active work and another for reading emails, files and other information. Using one screen to read from and another to work makes it easier for you to absorb information whilst staying focused on the task at hand. For companies that use live information, one screen can be dedicated to social media streams, stocks or news updates, allowing you to carry on working instead of having to constantly change what is on your screen and lose focus.

The benefits of dual monitors are often things that you’ve learned to live without and therefore couldn’t imagine you breadth of the benefits and the ways that it will change your working life. For companies that use video or graphic software, the option to put editing tools on one screen and the project on the other could increase ease of work tremendously. This is just one example of many that will could help all different companies in efficiency, concentration and ease of work.

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