Technology Does Good

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Technology Does Good

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By Jake, Marketing | April 16, 2012

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Cloudamour this weekend made a dream come true for a couple on their wedding day.

Danielle and Danny got married on Sunday March 2012 in London. Having spent months preparing for the wedding and paying attention to even the smallest of details, Danielle thought she had everything sorted and just now needed to turn up on the day and have the time of her life. However a cruel blow was dealt to her a few days before the wedding when her father was suddenly hit by a stroke.

He was rushed to Northwick Park hospital in Harrow and was moved to the stroke ward to recover from his ordeal. Unfortunately for the bride and groom he was not well enough to leave the hospital to attend his own daughter’s wedding! As you can imagine this broke the heart of both the bride and the groom. If they could only have wished for one thing for their wedding day it was to ensure that the father of the bride was there.

Mitchell Feldman, a consultant for Cloudamour was a guest at the wedding and when he heard of this sad news he made it his mission to see if he could help. He got in his car and carried out a site visit at the hospital and then on to the wedding hotel to do the same. It was clear that via the use of 3G and a WiFi connection he could establish a video link between the hospital bed and the wedding venue to allow the father to watch the whole ceremony in real time with video and sound.

Amazingly during the ceremony the technology worked without fault and we are pleased to say that her father saw every part of the wedding from the best view of the venue (right in front of the groom and bride) and in HD! They were both comforted to know that during the ceremony he was not just there in spirit, but was watching and hearing every song, smile, tear and laughter.

Mitchell Feldman said “in 20 years in IT this is without question the best and most gratifying installation I have ever done. We are so happy we were able to have made Danielle and Danny’s day even more special”.

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