Sway has finally hit Office 365

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Drop. Drag. Done. That is Sway in a nutshell.

Sway is a really great Microsoft product that enables you to quickly create professional documents that work across all your devices. While it has been around for around a year now, they have continually worked to improve the User Experience [UX], and ensure it is incredibly helpful.

What can you do on Sway?

We’re glad you asked.

With Sway there are so many different things that you can swiftly create from scratch whether it be Marketing plans, Newsletters, Sales collateral or really interactive Presentations. All of this comes together to form a really great tool that keep consistency across your brand, while having everything in the cloud.

There is also a great variety of choice, whether that be font, colour, style.

It doesn’t stop there, all of this is done to be completely mobile friendly, which means that you can both edit and demo on the road, while maintaining really high standards.

The really good news

The best part is that it has now come to Office 365, which means that you can keep using that one portal into all your work, whilst easily sharing and collaborating with others.

Now what? Well you can either start using it yourself, or start watching a great video.

If you have any questions on using it, our team would be happy to help.

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