Stop Wasting Time (Infographic)

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Note: This blog was updated from its original [November 8, 2015] with more recent statistics.

The recruitment industry is enormous in its grasp, and provides a much need utility to companies nationwide. Moreover, it is growing: 91% of firms expect to see at least 10% growth in 2016.

However, the recruitment industry is in a sustained period of change.

Increasing legislation governing recruiters directly and providers to the industry (umbrella companies being a good example)

– A dramatic increase in social recruiting


Technology isn’t the solution to these business problems, it is the most effective enabler.

Microsoft’s Cloud gives the recruitment industry all the tools needed to demonstrate innovation, speed to market and value to all customers; removing manual tasks and single points of failure to gain a competitive advantage in a fast moving industry; drive good practices through automated processes, and gain significant insight into what your people do, how, when, where to streamline and innovate.

CRM Software is certainly the leading technology in increasing productivity levels for recruitment agencies. According to a survey conducted by Bullhorn, 80% of staffing agencies reported that they relied heavily on CRM software or an applicant tracking system to work efficiently.

Hard working recruiters hit the phones to meet KPIs. Smart recruiters use the power of the cloud.

The best recruiters do both.

Download a version here.

Written by Phil Schofield | Corporate Account Executive, RedPixie | Follow Phil on Twitter | See his LinkedIn Profile

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