Save, Save, Save

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Save, Save, Save

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By Sophie, Professional Services | January 20, 2015

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The mistake you don’t make twice

Save, save, save. That’s one of the first lessons you learn when working on a computer – always save your work. Its basic computing but something many of us let slip, and I am as guilty as any. Well, I was, but not anymore. I learnt my lesson the hard way.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to computers the vast majority of us are not as savvy as we would like to be. The mere mention of any technical jargon and I for one am lost. I’ve always worked on an iMac and love how user friendly it is, but a few months ago I was ready to throw the thing out the window. What should have been a routine update to iPhoto turned out to be my worst nightmare.

Being a keen snapper I take hundreds of pictures, which I regularly upload and then every so often back up on an external hard drive. That’s all very well you would think, but as I hit update I thought to myself it’s been a good few months since I last backed everything up, let’s hope nothing goes wrong. Those famous last words. Well, something did go wrong and after the update was complete I went back in to iPhoto to discover there wasn’t a single photo in there.

To say I was panicked was an understatement. I was distraught. Literally thousands of pictures and memories of my kids, my family and my holidays had been wiped out. Obviously I had to blame someone and that someone was my husband. Assured by him that we had a complete backup to a hard drive the worst case scenario was that I was only going to lose the last 6 months of our photos, this really was no consolation! Surely given that he is an IT guru and works in the industry, it was his responsibility to make sure everything was backed up properly to the Cloud?

My understanding was that this would have ensured that absolutely everything on our computer was copied to the cloud so no matter what happens you can access anything you need from any computer, anywhere. It sounds so simple and so easy, if only he had backed everything up to the cloud, it wouldn’t have mattered what happened to my machine, and all the data would have been safe. So why hadn’t he done it??


A solution

It could have potentially had the most catastrophic consequences but I was extremely fortunate that my problem was rectified in the end. It took several weeks and many calls to the helpdesk. Things were not looking good but one of the last attempts to restore iPhoto was successful. Watching my Event library filling up was, as sad as it might sound, one of the happiest moments.

I guess it’s a very simple mistake to make and all too common in most homes, It’s purely a case of finding the time to set these things up before it’s too late! It’s safe to say I shall never be making the same mistake again. A lesson was well and truly learnt that day and now everything I do is safe and sound up in the cloud.

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