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RedPixie has just re-located the IT Infrastructure and data centre for the UK arm of an Australian Fund Manager for the second time in a year! The initial move was driven by a divestment from a shared office suite. This required a careful audit of the offices and data centre to ensure that RedPixie understood the landscape and that all required racks, servers, PC’s and ancillary hardware were included as part of the move.

On the day of the move RedPixie had a small window of time to shut down all of the systems and prepare all hardware for removal. A specialist removal company packed the kit and delivered it to the new office and RedPixie re-installed, configured and tested every aspect of the new office environment. This ranged from Checkpoint Firewalls through to PC’s, Networks and printers etc. which required a broad range of knowledge across the team.

The whole office was moved in a single day and RedPixie provided on-site support for the first working day in the new office to iron out any wrinkles. RedPixie used this time on-site to document the new infrastructure so that it could be adequately supported.

6 months later and the same company was on the move again. This time into shared premises with a newly acquired, also Australian, Fund Manager. RedPixie were asked to use the prior knowledge of the infrastructure to repeat the move and to integrate the two data centres. This required a site survey of the new premises and some analysis time with the incumbent to determine how best to accommodate the additional hardware.

RedPixie once again took responsibility for powering down the systems in the outgoing data centre before re-implementing, configuring and thoroughly testing the infrastructure in the new data centre.

Careful planning and expert execution are the key to a successful data centre move and it is a testament to the RedPixie team that both moves were completed no loss of service and with zero unplanned down time for this very satisfied customer.

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