Red Hat Enterprise Linux Lands on Microsoft Azure

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Red Hat recently added support to Azure which is a great step in enabling on-demand consumption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Red Hat’s Application platform.

At RedPixie we’ve come across stumbling blocks before in taking Red Hat to the cloud. Those barriers to entry that we’ve had to circumnavigate in the past simply won’t occur again – the path is now straight and clear. RHEL and JBoss/Gluster are key platforms for Enterprise computing. This move makes utilisation of those platforms just like any other platform in Azure.

Furthermore, although Microsoft’s .Net platform has been available on Linux for some time through open source projects, and Microsoft announced a .Net Core framework for Linux in April, the lack of support options has prevented it from gaining any real momentum and being a viable enterprise cross platform choice. The announcement that Red Hat is now going to collaborate and support the .Net runtime core means .Net is now set to become a truly feasible cross platform framework.

This is a great development and as Azure moves forwards with steps like we’ve seen this week, more and more people will need to consider – How can we utilize Azure?

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