Outlook on the web updates

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Your favourite mail client for the web has just released some great updates. Microsoft seems to be really busy at the moment and these changes are perfectly aligned to Windows 10.

It all starts with the design, for a while, at least for me, it seems that Outlook online had many features of the desktop applications, but they seemed to be hidden, or in keyboard short-cuts, now they have revamped the UI [user interface] to make it really easy to navigate.

This is quickly seen through the ‘action toolbar’ where you can quickly get at necessary areas such as Junk.

There is also quick ways to mark messages as those that should stick around, and with the new feature ‘sweep’ you can easily collate those that can go after a period of time – really helpful with vouchers etc.

For those who like to really quickly glance their emails there is a clean one line version of your emails, this well help if you use you are become more instant message than long monologues. Last and certainly not least there is great updates to calendar and the way in which you can insert images and graphics into email.

They are rolling these updates out soon, so keep checking that inbox!

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