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RedPixie were sponsored by Telereal Trillium, a Large Commercial Real Estate, who put their trust in RedPixie to re-develop part of their Forecasting system so that it could leverage modern cloud based technologies.

By Mike Hinton, CIO


RedPixie recently completed a technically complex and exciting engagement for Telereal Trillium, that centred around making improvements to key components of the firms forecasting engine. The forecasting engine is used to forecast multi-year budgets based on numerous complex business scenarios. The forecasting models were built on legacy technologies and as a result the business process had become inefficient in executing long term forecasts.

Telereal Trillium – Powered with the Cloud

“RedPixie demonstrated to us the immense power of re-platforming a line of business application into Azure rather than just moving the application.”


RedPixie worked with the Telereal Trillium to build an alternate solution using Microsoft Azure and using modern statistical computing languages. The cloud solution allowed them to consume more cloud computing power “on demand” to accelerate the budget modelling process.



RedPixie’s data & analytics team worked closely with the Telereal Trillium’s modelling team to understand their forecasting and budget process intimately. It was clear that the process needed to be executed much quicker to streamline the budget process. It was also evident that the process would benefit from being executed using modern technologies that were not hampered by legacy technology platforms.



RedPixie is now working with the Telereal Trillium to migrate the entire forecasting engine platform to Microsoft Azure so that it can leverage more capability and improvements across the entire data warehouse. Telereal Trillium are very interested in the machine learning and seeing how this and the Internet of Things might change their business operating model from unplanned maintenance to planned. RedPixie will be undertaking a POC with them in this space.

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