Azure Cloud Calculation Engine Ready


RedPixie have been sponsored by a large commercial real estate company to build a Microsoft Azure based Cloud Calculation Engine (CCE).

By Dirk Anderson, CTO, RedPixie


The on premise system has been built by many people over several years and comprises traditional Windows Servers, Excel, SharePoint, Web Servers, SQL clusters and WCF code. This architecture is responsible for millions of calculations. In building an Azure equivalent solution, we needed to ensure that all numbers fully reconciled and that both the Cloud infrastructure and our code were rock solid.

azure calculation engine

“The engine not only outperforms the on premise legacy system, its much cheaper to run and simpler to manage. The design work is now complete and the solution has been fully tested. The solution will be rolled out live across the business in the next 6 weeks.”


The new solution comprises a mix of RedPixie and third party components as well as native Azure services such as web roles, worker roles, service bus, SQL and Redis Cache. This architecture has been brought together to form an entire Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that entirely replaces the legacy system. The new solution automatically scales as required to meet the demand of the business workload at any given point in time. It also reconciles fully with the millions of calculations that the legacy platform needed to perform.



RedPixie’s data and Cloud teams work collaboratively with our customers’ key stakeholders across both the IT department and modelling teams to design the system. Throughout the design process there was an intense focus on ensuring the success of the reconciliation process, as tuning the performance of the overall system. The customer had also set a goal around low maintenance PaaS services, so we worked with the customers own development teams to ensure we could port some of the legacy code from on premise IaaS, to Azure based PaaS.



The project is now moving into operational and user acceptance testing and RedPixie are very confident that the design will stand up to testing performed by the customer’s business and IT staff.

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