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UKs fastest growing company cuts costs and reinvigorates mobile working with Windows 10 and the Microsoft Cloud

By Alison Mulligan, Operations Director, Maximus IT

Maximus IT was struggling with restrictive technology that didn’t support mobile working, was becoming prohibitively expensive, and gave the business little opportunity to grow. RedPixie moved everything into the Microsoft cloud and now they benefit from cutting edge tools at a fraction of the cost, including Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Skype integrated communications, Azure, Yammer, Windows 10 and Surface Pro 3 devices. Maximus IT can work efficiently and profitably with complete information security, stronger candidate and client relationships, invigorated team collaboration and technology that portrays them as a truly modern business.

Maximus IT is the UK’s leading ERP recruitment specialist, recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 listing.

Situated in picturesque penthouse offices in the London’s Square Mile, the small team of 25 people skilfully match ERP professionals with businesses in the UK and around the world. Maximus IT has built a strong reputation within its industry for partnership, results and a progressive approach.

So with a goal to grow headcount by 120% in 3 years, Alison Mulligan, Operations Director, felt compelled to review and evaluate the company’s IT environment.


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    Office 365, Skype for Business, Yammer, Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure, System Center 2012 R2 and Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Devices


Three years ago, inspired by the promise of the cloud, Maximus IT retired their in-house servers and outsourced their IT to a datacentre. However, they soon found they were not gaining the flexibility, mobility or cost efficiency they had been looking for. Restricted by dumb terminals for internet access, locked down desktops and mobile access through plug-in apps, Maximus IT was more constrained to the office than ever. Investing over £1200 each month for a dedicated leased line to a multi-tenanted environment, they couldn’t even introduce new applications of their choice. The frustrated team were unable to work effectively offsite with clients or candidates and mounting costs were crippling the business.

“Everything was massively restrictive and performance was terrible. We couldn’t access information when mobile and we couldn’t even save documents to our desktops. It just wasn’t the cloud solution we had been looking for and it didn’t reflect our brand image,”


Following a competitive tender, RedPixie was appointed to help Alison shape a new technology strategy. At RedPixie’s visionary ‘Modern Business Immersion Experience’ Alison saw how easy it was to implement Office 365, working in conjunction with cutting edge devices. She recalls, “The real light bulb moment came when I saw just how different life could be with modern technology. It really highlighted how far we were from what was possible.”

RedPixie designed a technology blueprint based on Office 365 Business Premium for business class email, Microsoft Office, Yammer, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint cloud document storage, plus a cutting-edge integrated telephony and communications service powered by Skype for Business which allows the team to answer their calls from anywhere in the world, on any device. Old PCs have been replaced with amazing Windows 10 Surface Pro tablets that combine the power of a full PC in a portable, flexible tablet form. Microsoft Azure and Windows Server 2012 R2 within Azure, give Maximus robust and secure server capability with maximum control and scalability for Active Directory, authentication and group policy. Systems, device and identity management is fully taken care of with Microsoft Intune and Systems Center, ensuring that information is fully protected from viruses and malware, but also accessible from any device without comprising data security.

RedPixie scoped the solution and provided Maxmius IT with a range of options for implementation.  Once underway, RedPixie set-up the Azure environment, Office 365 user accounts, and SharePoint sites, migrating historic email, server data and file share documents into the new platform. Rigorous testing was conducted prior to launching the new platform, and user adoption training subsequently ensured all team members felt ready and motivated to get working in the new environment.

 “We saw immediately that RedPixie really understood the technology and how to apply it to meet real business needs.  They cared about what would make a difference and give a real ‘wow’ factor to our consultants, clients and candidates. They took the time to build understanding and give us the best possible solution. We are very proud of what they have put in place.”

Benefits and Value


– Surface Pro 3 devices, powered by Windows 10, provide the Maximus team with a lightweight portable device that adapts from PC to tablet form to suit every working environment
– All documents and files are stored securely in the cloud, and accessible from any device, using OneDrive for Business for personal use and SharePoint for team collaboration and document co-authoring.

Improved team connection
– Yammer has reinvigorated internal communication, enabling regular company updates and encouraging greater social collaboration and information sharing.
– Internal training delivery has moved online using Skype for Business video conferencing to ensure that location poses no barrier to attendance; plus sessions are now recorded and made available through Yammer for on-demand viewing.

Better connection with customers and candidates

– The Skype for Business platform, supported by RedPixie, provides a complete, cost-effective telephony and communications service for instant messaging, audio conferencing and video conferencing with the ability to make and answer external calls from any device, anywhere in the world.
– Sway, a new presentation application within Office 365, is helping Maximus IT redefine their external presentation style, underpinning the business’ progressive, modern image.

Improved business security and continuity

– Office 365, Azure, Intune, System Center and Bitlocker encryption provide Maximus IT with greater information security, ensuring that documents are securely stored in the cloud, appropriate access controls can be applied and that if ever required, devices can be locked and access restricted to sensitive corporate information.
– Line-of-business systems like Sage Accounting can now be securely and easily integrated into the modern Microsoft platform, reducing the risk associated with piece-meal, in-house servers
– RedPixie provide Maximus IT with ongoing systems support for complete reassurance of an immediate disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Cost-efficiency fuels growth

– Maximus IT are saving significant amounts of money each month and boosting profitability by reducing software cost per head to one tenth of their previous system and removing the need for a costly leased line.
– With Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, Maximus now can grow faster and more efficiently, easily adding new user licenses and cost-effectively scaling out server capacity as required.

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