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OneNote updates

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Great news, OneNote has had some helpful updates for iOS and Android.


The first piece of news is that they have taken the iPad and iPhone app into one unified version, (called OneNote!). In making it one app they have been able to put all the good features into one great productivity tool.

It is easy to get it, just go into the iPad app, and it will offer you the choice to upgrade. Or download it from the appstore.


New features

Microsoft have used the iPhone to test out features before it hit the iPad, and they are well worth it.

Firstly: today widget. Simply slide down on your iPad and you will get the option to add OneNote as a widget. This is great because you can easily add a note, photo or list – and also get a sneak-peak at your recent pages.

Secondly: Landscape mode. Through turning your iPad on its side, you will get a great preview of your different notes – making it really easy to see what you are working on.

Third: Whiteboard camera. Recent updates mean that you can quickly add in photos, which is really helpful if you need to take a photo of meeting notes.

Android updates

Long awaited news for Android users – new updates will really give you control over your notes.

Through tapping and holding on different notes you can quickly move, copy, delete or add them to home screen. This means that you can prioritise your lists, and ensure that you can do everything you need on the go.

What’s next

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