Office 365 The Top 10 Reasons To Move To It

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Office 365 The Top 10 Reasons To Move To It

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By Jake, Marketing | March 11, 2013

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Office 365 allows your business to expand it’s current capabilities by giving you access to a range of high-quality productivity tools. This gives your company’s day-to-day efficiency the boost it needs and, just as importantly, a competitive edge on the companies working with antiquated IT infrastructures.

With a fixed monthly cost, your business can have access to cloud-based Email, the ability to edit and view Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files and team instant messaging, file sharing and video conferencing. These applications are all hosted on the cloud so there is no need to worry about the start-up and maintenance costs associated with setting up a new IT system.

Here are 10 ways that you can take your small business to the next level in 2013

1. Use Tools That Your Company Is Already Familiar With.

365 offers an extension of the features and applications that the corporate world is already well aquatinted with. This makes it as easy as possible to introduce Office 365 to employees.

2. Reduce IT Costs

IT overheads and computer software can amount to an unwelcomely high IT budget. Office 365 reduces your monthly support expenses as it takes away the unpredictability in cost that comes with having your own IT infrastructure.

3. Improve Your Company’s Flexibility

Office 365 allows you to quickly add or remove employees from your IT system. This ensures your business is flexible and sustainable.

4. Guarantee A Quality Of Service

Office 365 comes with a 99.9 percent service level agreement (SLA) and gives customers financial credit if the SLA is not met. The SLA covers the entire solution, not just “core” services. Microsoft has a proven track record of enterprise-class availability, and you can count on them to be responsive when unexpected downtime occurs.

5. Enhance The Façade of Your Business

Office 365 allows a small business to maintain the same professional image as any large corporation. With online meetings, business email addresses for your employees, and high quality presentations and web content, your customers will see only a cohesive and professional company.

6. Improving Your Customer Service

Your business is able to offer customers information at anytime with SharePoint Online. You can set up a central storage place online for company documents, giving employees access to information in no time at all.

7. Reduce The Need To Travel

With Lync Online you can hold video conferences in high definition with clients. This reduces the burdens of time and cost associated with travel. A brief chat session can swiftly be turned into a video conference. The whiteboard tool allows you to present content or take notes in a meeting.

8.  Create A Closer Relationship with Customers

Using Lync Online, you can interact with customers and partners to obtain feedback and involve them in the process as little or as much as required. Lync Online’s virtual whiteboard is helpful for productive collaboration sessions and, unlike Google + with which you can only interact with Google+ users, Lync Online users can interact with anyone with an internet connection.

9. Keeping Your Data Secure

Office 365 ensures than your business’ data is kept as private and secure as you keep your physical office. They utilise the world-class security systems used by Microsoft and enterprises worldwide to protect your sensitive emails, documents and networks.

10. Be productive where ever you are on what ever you are on

With Office 365 you’re not tied down to an Internet connection. Whether you’re online or offline, whether you are using a PC, mobile device, or browser, you can get work done virtually anytime, anywhere.

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