Microsoft’s new messaging app – ‘send’

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This post was originally published on 24 July, 2015. We’ve updated it to speak about the new availability. »»

Ever had the feeling that you wanted to send a small message to someone, without the formality of email? Microsoft has tried to solve that problem with their new product – send.

‘Send’ will act as a convenient messaging application for your phone and allow you to easily communicate. Unlike the current situation of being reliant on phone numbers, this will work through email address. Fear not, this won’t be another portal for your ever streaming mass of emails as it will also only show the conversations you have started in the application.

No more subject or formal jargon, just simple messaging, such as:

‘will you be in the office today?’
‘have they signed the document?’
‘what are you doing for lunch?’

How can I get it?

Send is currently for both Android and iOS at the moment, and we are expecting it to continue to grow in accessibility.

And don’t worry, all the information follows the same regulations as your current Office license.


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