Microsoft’s Clutter sends weekly reports

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We are so glad to talk about the great changes to Clutter after my previous blog introduced ‘Microsoft Office 365’s latest time saver’. It is a great tool that sifts through the ‘clutter’ in your inbox to showcase messages that are most important to you.

I have been using Clutter since it was introduced and love it, however the emails can get forgotten. Before long you can have more emails in your this folder than the rest of your inbox – not great!

Microsoft have just announced that by the 15th June 2015 they will be rolling out an update to this handy tool that takes it to a whole new level.

You now get weekly reports

As Microsoft standardise what was an optional feature across the Outlook platforms, you can look forward to receiving a weekly report of Clutter’s activity.

If Clutter sends any new emails to the Clutter folder, you will also receive a daily email – but don’t worry, you will not receive more than one on any given day.

Don’t like the idea of a machine deciding what’s important to you? No problem, simply log in to Office 365 online and navigate to your Outlook Web Access page. Now navigate to the settings (using the cog in the top right hand corner), choose options and then Clutter to turn it off.


That’s all folks

For now we all wait until the 15th June to see this great product in action.

Between now and then, we would love to hear your thoughts:

– What are your favourites feature of Outlook?

– What are you looking for in a digital PA?


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