Microsoft Lync – Unified communications for all

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Microsoft Lync – Unified communications for all

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By Jake, Marketing | September 2, 2014

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Businesses of all sizes are expected to be online and available around the clock. With email, mobile phones, instant messaging and even video conferencing, staying in touch is easier than ever before. However keeping track of those communications is never quite so simple.

Ideally your business needs a solution that provides all of these functions in a single, integrated platform. But why replace a number of apps for a best-of-breed solution?

1. Better record keeping
Microsoft Lync provides a unified communications platform suitable for internal and external communications, or as a combination for both. However your business benefits from being able to maintain a complete record of all communications.

Whether you need to maintain an accurate audit for regulatory purposes, or because you hope to mine the data generated for new revenue opportunities, Microsoft Lync can assist.

2. Complete mobility
Most communications tools now include mobile apps to help keep employees connected any place, any time. But again, multiple mobile apps creates a fragmented experience that is both user unfriendly and impossible to properly track.

Microsoft Lync uses a single common interface across multiple devices to deliver a seamless, consistent experience for your users. It also ensures that your business has the information it needs to stay on top of its communications.

3. Secured communications
Using a Microsoft Lync hosted service, your business communications are better secured against interception or loss. Using these tools you can conduct sensitive discussions with employees and stakeholders without concern of those discussions becoming public.

4. Future proofing
Using a hosted Microsoft Lync service, your business can deploy video and voice conferencing capabilities immediately. And unlike an onsite unified communications platform, the hosted version can be expanded at any point to meet your changing company needs.

Better yet, these new conferencing capabilities can be deployed without any additional hardware or license purchases (subject to your Office 365 licence SKU). Your business can begin conference calling as soon as the requisite client software has been installed on your PCs and mobile devices.

5. Reduced mobile phone bills
Microsoft Lync uses VoIP protocols to route video and audio calls through data networks, rather than using your mobile calling allowances. And where available, calls will be routed over free WiFi networks adding no additional cost for using the service.

For maximum cost savings your business may need to renegotiate calling contracts to place an emphasis on data allowances, ensuring your staff can make and receive communications whilst out in the field. Your business will finally be able to say goodbye to overpriced conference calling services by replacing them with a much more affordable alternative of your own – Microsoft Lync.

All of these benefits are available to businesses of any size who need to communicate and collaborate regularly. Hosted Microsoft Lync bundles all these features into an affordable monthly payment that will also help your business better budget for telecommunications costs.

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