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Microsoft Ignite – Day Three

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Microsoft Ignite – Day Three

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By Ryan, Professional Services | May 7, 2015

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Things are heating up…

Today there were some fantastic breakout sessions to really explore some of the recent Microsoft developments.

Here is my run-through of some of them:


Azure DR

While Azure is scalable and reliable, there may be times where an entire data-centre region may be unavailable (such as during a natural disaster).

So there was a great discussion about how we can build our Azure solutions to tolerate an entire region failure and failover to another region within minutes – reducing end-user issues.


Spam Session

Microsoft expects data to increase 10 fold by 2020 – we also see the few wave that technology has enabled.

With spam on the rise and hackers getting smarter, clever measures are needed – Microsoft’s data-centre gets over 1 billion emails a day, wow!

From a day to day perspective, how Microsoft is staying on top of the curve to protect Office 365 users from viruses and phishing emails.

Azure site recovery

Not as complex as it sounds!

MS have a product that allows you to fail over to Azure should your data-centre fail (this is mainly for larger organisations).

They were revealing the new changes that make it better than ever before, and demonstrated the automation that allows you to script a long series of commands (starting up different servers, changing a setting, sending an alert, etc). This allows enterprises that don’t have redundancy to become fully redundant overnight – really helpful.


Office 365 email migrations

My final session of the day was to see how Microsoft do their own Office 365 email migrations.
As we have migrated hundreds of companies & thousands of mailboxes this is our bread and butter, but it’s important that we don’t get complacent and ensure we are always innovating and are also always ahead of the curve.

I also looked around the various Microsoft stands. They have one for pretty much every product they have, as well as a CIE.

They have a Lumia/Windows devices stand with loads of different laptops to try out.


Until next time,

Harry – @cloudamour


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