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Microsoft Ignite – Day One

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Microsoft Ignite – Day One

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By Ryan, Professional Services | May 5, 2015

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I can tell you first hand, they have pulled out all the big guns for Microsoft Ignite – #MSignite!

This event had style from minute 1. Having gone to pick up my name badge I was met with a table full of complimentary Microsoft ‘stuff’ – this should have been a clue for what was to come!

As I waited for the highly anticipated keynote, the room was filling at a rapid rate. Such that Microsoft had calculated over 22,000 people present, though it felt like much more.

Collecting my equipment for Ignite!

Having found my seat, and watch the slides change on the screen, there was a real sense of what was coming up – innovation. Many in the room, including myself, were eagerly waiting for Satya Nadella to take centre stage. And we could not have had a better introduction than the artist, Common.

Satya’s outline was imprinted on the screen, and he walked out to great applause. With real passion he began to verse about the changing shape of technology and the move away from only collecting data, to the new era of utilising that information.

“we have moved IT from delivering information, to driving innovation”

– Satya Nadella

Satya continued to talk about developments from every area across Microsoft, front consumer to producer, from hardware to software.

This was matched with some examples of how great solutions have helped to transform organisations, and there are few bigger case studies than Real Madrid Football Club. The Director General Jose Angel Sanchez came on stage to talk about the cross platform benefits they had felt, and the importance of not just using technology, but embracing it.

The momentum kept on going with some fantastic demos from Joe Belfiore, where he showed some of the powerful features of Office 2016 interlaced with the ever so talked about Cortana.
In seeing the real benefits these solutions can have, we can’t wait to give these tools to our customers!

This gives just a glimpse of the fantastic news they had released, but for more information or to see the keynotes for yourself, see Microsoft’s page here:


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