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Microsoft Ignite – Day Four

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Microsoft Ignite – Four

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By Ryan, Professional Services | May 8, 2015

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Getting involved with the hottest technology.

Another great day in Chicago, here is some of the latest tech I got to work with…


Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

This session demonstrated Microsoft’s best practices towards deploying Office 365 ProPlus (the full Office desktop suite that comes with Office 365).

The differences were shown between the traditional deployment model and the new cloudy one. The main benefit is management – Microsoft’s plan is to do small feature updates rather than upgrades so there aren’t huge jumps for users to get their heads around. This also helps their aim of getting the latest software out to all users as soon as possible – nice!


Azure Automation

One component in Azure is called Azure Automation, which makes carrying out particular regular tasks a breeze.

They demonstrated the new preview version which allows for further integration with third party applications and the (very large) extent to which this can be used in making your business more and more efficient.

They’ve also just added ‘webhooks’. This means that you could have a button on your website which kicks off a job in Azure Automation – so you can have a one-click button to build an entire environment in Azure!

Protecting VMWare and physical machines using Azure Site Recovery

A complementary session of one I attended yesterday, I learned how Azure Site Recovery is developing to support VMware and physical workloads – this is a significant number of our clients & of the world so it’s great that Microsoft are extending Azure to be in support of this.

While it’s still in preview and is not ready for the real release yet, it’s great to get a glimpse at how easy it will be to recover an entire farm of servers – it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Failover’ button in the Azure portal!


Office 365 MVP Panel

Finally, I went to a session hosted by 6 of the Office 365 MVPs (Most Valued Professionals). These are people who are considered ‘community leaders’ in the Microsoft community and hosted a Q&A session.

It was great to see how other people are implementing Office 365 solutions and the interesting questions that people posed.


The cool stuff

This combined with visiting some stalls at the Expo Hall including pretty much all of Microsoft’s. I now nearly have a full wardrobe of ‘swag’ including caps, glasses, shirts and socks – not to mention the many badges and stickers!


I met Joey & Rick from Channel 9 (they are the ones leading the Ignite live streams) – you can see more pics on my Twitter feed ^.


Until next time,

Harry – @cloudamour

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