Enterprise Desktop JumpStart

Enterprise desktop to help you get started with your cloud journey

RedPixie’s Enterprise Desktop JumpStart is a targeted consultancy engagement designed to ensure that your desktop strategy can meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, ever hardening compliance requirements, and the inevitable move to version-less OS.

Focussing on next generation End User Computing (EUC) strategies, RedPixie’s engagement team will work with your stakeholders to consider the management, security and mobility demands of the modern workspace.

Appropriate for clients at all stages of their workspace transformation journey, RedPixie’s Enterprise Desktop JumpStart is an excellent opportunity to develop or review your EUC roadmap, highlight key LOB dependencies and consider different deployment and management solutions.

Typical topics covered during this engagement are:

  • Asset inventory
  • Infrastructure readiness
  • Identity
  • Desktop strategy
  • Data control & Security considerations
  • EUC recommendations

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Engagement summary

Phase 1 – Inventory, Discovery and Asset Capture: Review existing inventory documentation; Perform automated asset data gathering using appropriate tools and scripts; Provide outcome report on the asset discovery

Phase 2 – Identity and Document Management Review and Recommendation: Workshops/interviews with appropriate stakeholder groups for Identity, profiles & RMS; Review current identity solution and consumption services; Provide recommendations report for identity and RMS policies

Phase 3 – Desktop Strategy Review and Recommendation: Workshops/interviews with appropriate stakeholder groups; Review infrastructure environment (RDS, WDS, networking, profile management, storage, GPO); Recommendations report to address EUC options.

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 RedPixie provided empirical evidence that we could move the traders desktop service to a data centre further away without any performance impact. I was amazed how clever and creative their analysis was. 

Head of Desktop Services, Investment Bank

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