Is The Cloud Really Useful For Disaster Recovery?

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Is The Cloud Really Useful For Disaster Recovery?

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By Jake, Marketing | April 9, 2013

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Disaster recovery is where The Cloud comes into it’s own. Advantages like scalability and reduced costs are sometimes hard to communicate to CIOs and CFOS; however, disaster recovery is an area where the benefits of The Cloud cannot be denied.

Many companies regard data stored on an on in-house server as suitable back-up, events like Hurricane Sandy remind us that this is not the case. Cloud Computing boasts the ability to save data to a remote source, to be accessed at any time. Of course The Cloud cannot save your office during an emergency, but when your most crucial data and apps are on The Cloud, your business can continue from another location in seconds.With Cloud Computing, your data and apps are copied or backed up to a data centre and can be accessed from anywhere. The data itself is backed up and stored across several data centres, so there is no chance of the remote data centre being at risk either.

Tim Shea from Alpha NetSolutions said in a recent interview;

“If you have two feet of water in your data centre, your servers and backup are gone, but if you are on a cloud platform, you just drive to Starbucks or McDonalds and you are up and running”.

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