what is intuitive technology?

Intuitive technology

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Intuitive technology

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By Jake, Marketing | March 18, 2015

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Recently I have found myself being able to install a new app or programme onto my device and immediately know how to use it, but not just use it, exploit its best features. This could be attributed to me growing up with technology my whole life, or the huge leaps in design during that time.

The ‘subtle touches’

As an aspiring developer I love the subtle touches which are used in designing programmes. I think these really help to encourage a user to keep using the programme and ensure the UI isn’t outdated. Its like a programme is acknowledging what you are doing is right.

This may be as simple as the way the text highlights or becomes bold as you hover over it, or perhaps a little more advanced like when you swipe across the screen on your phone before you have already completed the action the next page is sliding onto the screen seamlessly.

Touch technology has made using technology wonderfully intuitive, the way you interact with items on a screen resembling that of how you would act with a physical object. Turning pages on an e-reader or even spinning around the globe on Google Earth.

Here are the apps on my iPhone

Consistent designs

However as much as I love the little details and touch technology, it would be hard for me to ignore the main reason which i find technology so intuitive, consistency.

There are so many similarities between all of the software which is widely used, the way your web browser and document editors have the same style and features. The same symbols which are used worldwide and across all platforms.

Once you know how to use one piece of software, you can use any.

Moving forwards

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  • What do you think of the intuitive technology?
  • What OS do you run?
  • How has designed changed in recent years?


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