How to survive without power or Internet with the Cloud

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Power cuts and Internet connections failures prevent your business from operating normally, costing your business in terms of reduced productivity and an inability to meet your client’s needs. The longer term fall-out could involve lost sales or cancelled contracts that directly affect your profits.

But many of these issues can be avoided using Cloud based hosting. Take this example from our own recent past…

A few weeks ago, we lost all electrical power in our shared office block. All around us, people from other companies were running around frantically wondering what to do and how they were going to keep their businesses running as normal. As an experienced IT service provider who helps other businesses deal with exactly these sorts of problems, Cloudamour were able to get back online within minutes by using the wireless hotspots built into our phones.

The difference between our company and those around us is the way we store our data. You see, we use our own Cloud based services so that, wherever we are, whatever the time, we will always be able to work and continue maximum productivity. So whilst it was quite annoying that we couldn’t see one and another in the office due to the lighting because the lights were off, we were still able to continue working to the highest standards thanks to Cloud based hosting.

For all the other companies in the building it was a different story. Each reported (off the record) experiencing lost business, disgruntled clients and a complete loss of productivity. They all had to wait until all power was restored before they could start working again, creating a massive backlog of tasks that had to wait until later.

Cloud solutions saved the day for Cloudamour, as they do for our clients regularly. The ability to access files wherever and whenever you want is a massive cost and productivity saver in case of an emergency, like a localised power outage.


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