How to: Configure Outlook 2011 for Apple Mac

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How to: Configure Outlook 2011 for Apple Mac

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By Jake, Marketing | September 13, 2013

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How to: Configure Outlook 2011 for Apple Mac:

To set up Outlook 2011 for Mac:

1. Close all Microsoft Office applications processes (i.e. close them
all, including Word, etc).

2. Press the Option (Alt) key while clicking on Outlook to open

It will go into the Microsoft Database Utility mode, seen below, where
you can rebuild the Identity (Database).

3. Click the plus [+] sign on the bottom left.

4. Name your new identity.

5. Then select your new identity and click on the configuration

6. Choose Set as Default

7. Close this window and open up Outlook.

8. In the Accounts window, click the plus sign
(+) in the lower left-hand corner and
choose Exchange.

9. In the new window (seen below), fill in the following fields:

  • Email address: Enter your primary email
  • Method: Select User Name and
  • User Name: Enter your primary email address.
  • Password: Type your mailbox password.

then click Add Account

10. Outlook will attempt to determine settings for the new
Exchange account automatically.

For this step, the instructions depend on whether you have Autodiscover
record set up:

If an Autodiscover record  is
configured for the domain name
, Outlook will determine
settings automatically. You will get a prompt such as the one below. Select
the option Always use my response for this
 and click
the Allow button. 

11. If no Autodiscover
exists for the domain,
Outlook 2011 will prompt you for the server name. To find out
the correct server name:

The Server address is: Click Add Account to
complete setup.

12. Mail will start to synchronise from your 365 mailbox

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