How can RedPixie transform your business?

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Ensuring that your business has the correct infrastructure is essential to the full realisation of its capabilities, and the manner in which it approaches its success.

By this, we are referring to the capability to remove stress, hassle and inconvenience, so that you can focus on where your organisation can and should be. That is what we love to do here at RedPixie, so that you can redirect your efforts and energy into the projects that you aspire to start.

This is done through putting the requirements of people at the forefront.

“RedPixie continues to support our environment and they provide an outstanding service.”
The impact of change

From a purist perspective, whether you are in finance, media, recruitment, non-profit or retail, beefing up your IT infrastructure is about having the right company by your side to provide vital guidance and collaborate with you to ensure your transformation. Here at Cloudamour, we are a longstanding dab hand at just such a thing.

Through our work with a variety of organisations, including Adstream, Orchid Field Marketing and Eutopia, we have seen the incredible impacts that such positive changes can make – indeed, 87% of our clients have seen a return on investment (ROI) within the first three months.

The journey…

We believe that the start to any cloud journey is exploratory, taking the time to understand the vision of an organisation and show them what the future of business practices looks like. For this reason, we have built our own advanced Customer Immersion Experience Showroom.

The workshops that take place in our showroom provide first-hand insight into how certain technologies can transform your business. This isn’t just about fancy tech – it’s about understanding various day-to-day business scenarios, where at every stage, we carefully consider and identify your individual needs, making tailored suggestions to suit.

From there, we put together the structure that can be instrumental in transforming your business. Starting with consultancy and planning expertise, for instance, we consider all manner of aspects in our formulation of the IT strategy that can best drive your company forward, while our capable and seasoned professionals can also help to deliver first-class cloud migrations.

By developing an understanding of the tools that users most urgently require and aligning ourselves with your aspirations, we can provide the tailored solutions that your organisation truly needs.

Regrettably, we see many instances of organisations that have simply implemented a large amount of software, or apps that they merely thought would be useful, without undertaking the necessary preparation. They did not consult with users, and nor did they conduct an analysis of what solutions people were actually using.

This invariably just leads to many workers continuing to use their own, personal solutions, such as Dropbox. This, in turn, will cause issues resulting from your company’s lack of control over its own information, which is a frankly scary thought to our team here at RedPixie.

Once we have undertaken the initial audit, we choose appropriate tools, with each area of our work aimed at helping with a certain part of your growth, such as enabling mobile workers to seamlessly communicate with Skype for Business or create a real online culture with products like Yammer.


The vital ingredient

All of the aforementioned changes have to be implemented with a certain delicate support, given how frustrating and unhelpful we realise it is when something doesn’t happen at the time you need it to. Such is our belief in the highest standard of service, across everything that we do.

If you would like to hear more from our team, we would love to chat.

Written by Jake Chody | Marketing Manager, RedPixie | Follow Jake on Twitter | See his LinkedIn Profile

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