Global Digital Agency Enhances Collaboration with Office 365

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Way To Blue is an integrated digital marketing, search, and analytics agency that develops dynamic campaigns for film industry clients. Established in London, the firm has grown quickly since it was founded and now employs 90 people at its agencies located in seven countries. It expects to open another six offices over the next eight months and works with Sony, Paramount, and Warner Bros.

Like many businesses that experience rapid success, Way To Blue had an IT infrastructure that wasn’t equipped to manage such fast-paced growth. Adam Rubins, Chief Executive Officer, Way To Blue, says: “We’re a digital agency, so email is important to us. With our existing IT setup, we had five servers to manage Exchange for 90 global users. Our backups were failing, archiving was out of hand, and we had a single point of failure, so if London went down, so did our other offices. It was unsustainable.”

Following a referral to us from an industry contact, together we assessed the firm’s options for a new collaboration environment. This resulted in the digital agency choosing to deploy Office 365 over other cloud-based collaboration suites such as Google Apps. Ian Wallis, Financial Controller, Way To Blue, says: “Cloudamour gave us exceptional advice and support. We trust the team explicitly and Office 365 was their suggestion. The transition was extremely smooth.”

Key benefits of Microsoft Office 365:

  • Staff collaborate easily regardless of location
  • Collaboration costs are reduced
  • In-house IT is simplified
  • Firm gains from disaster recovery solution

To find out more about Way to Blue and their transition to the Cloud, read the full Success Story here

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