EMS – The Mobile Computing Persuader?

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RedPixie have been approached to provide a hybrid-cloud POC leaning heavily on Microsoft’s cloud stack, notably Enterprise Mobility Suite for mobile device and rights management.

EMS includes Azure AD Premium, InTune and Rights Management Suite, solutions that are becoming more prominent as companies move towards the cloud and mobile computing, whether BYOD or corporate devices.

At the heart of EMS is user empowerment and security. All these solutions put the user in charge – from password management to group memberships in Azure AD Premium, to device enrolment in InTune, to document security in RMS. It is all designed to allow the user to take control.

But there are new features for administrators too. Microsoft recently added Advanced Threat Analytics to EMS, providing a rich toolset for administrators to monitor access to their Microsoft cloud services. ATA learns – the behaviour of users, devices and resources. As well as failed logons ATA can detect suspicious logon attempts, such as those originating from other countries, and alert.

So why switch to EMS if you are already utilising another MDM solution? EMS leverages Microsoft’s cloud stack so there is no need for costly on premise infrastructure and the maintenance and support that comes with it. Although a lot of other MDM providers are moving to cloud offerings, EMS is always going to be tightly integrated to MS Azure whilst other providers will always be playing catch-up.

As one might expect, EMS is available for Windows devices but Microsoft has also done a great job ensuring that all features also work perfectly well across Apple and Android devices.

With predictions of 50% of companies employing BYOD by 2017, EMS could be the persuader for the final 50%.

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