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Digital transformation examples that you cannot ignore

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At RedPixie we view digital transformation as a key conversation for any person or organisation. It creates a purposeful target against which you can review business practices.

As such, we were delighted to speak at the Institute of Directors (IoD) ‘Accelerating Growth in the Digital Age’ event.

More than a purely theoretical conversation, we had the opportunity to discuss great examples of digital transformation, and compare them to those who have neglected this essential effort.

All of the digital transformation examples we noted were from a variety of industries. So, while some may argue that it ‘doesn’t apply to my industry’, change is vertically agnostic.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is described in terms such as “profound”, “essential” and “whole scale change”. But in reality, it is incorrectly labelled. It is thought about in a silo.

A silo that may or may not be reviewed in the next quarterly meeting.

What really needs to happen is the process of applying a ‘transformative attitude’ to every company asset.

Rather than saying “let’s transform”, people should be looking at the dynamics of the business and thinking, “where can I take this”. It is through heavily critical thinking and not just applying ‘digital’ to something with false expectation, that transforms.

How much will transform – it depends on how critical you are.

Where to start?

The beginning.

It may seem obvious, but the ability to track what has taken place in order to reach this point, knowing which events have made what impact, is valuable data.

Then there is the future: how does a company attempt to not only understand, but embrace the future? Rather than try and explain, we think this video from Microsoft does an excellent job.

The title of ‘Microsoft’s vision for data’ seems correct to us.

Digital transformation examples

As previously noted, transformation transcends (bit of a tongue twister) companies of all sizes and types.

Here is an infographic demonstrating what different companies have done:

Digital Transformation Example Infographic by RedPixie

What these examples mean

This new era of digital transformation has given organisations the opportunity to change their industry. If you have a mind-set beyond purely how your business works, then the relevant pieces will come together.

As Dirk Anderson, our CTO, notes –

“The whole economy is going to change; you have a fiduciary responsibility as a business owner to ask ‘how am I going to continually think how we are going to reinvent our business?’.

Data is the new currency; if you are not trading in that market, you will lose. No question.”

If you would like to see how companies have built their digital roadmap see our entire talk. You can start digital transformation yourself with this guide on IT Partners ⇓

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Written by Jake Chody | Marketing Manager, RedPixie | Follow Jake on Twitter | See his LinkedIn Profile

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