Internet of Things

Internet of Things: changing an industry

Watches, fridges, cars, light bulbs and even livestock; in the era of the Internet of Things, there’s no limit to what we can connect to and source data from. And the pool of devices is growing more and more every day.

When you’ve got reams of information at your fingertips the ultimate question is: what are you going to do with it?


Getting more from your data

Collecting data is easy, but knowing how to use it to grow your business or provide a better service is the challenge. The solution is to build a solid IoT infrastructure that runs data through streaming analytics to understand what it means in the right context.

For example, take data gathered from a wearable device, such as a smart watch. On its own, this data means very little and has few applications, but when analysed in the right context it can save a life. These wearable devices can track and monitor the health of an individual, so when the data varies from the norm, such as a sudden decrease in heart rate, smart analytics can determine whether this means the individual is experiencing a health issue.

Armed with this knowledge, organisations can take the appropriate action to check on the individual and provide faster care.

IoT at work

The Internet of Things opens up a lot of new and exciting opportunities. As the technology is still developing, the use cases are vast and ever expanding:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fire detection
  • Healthcare
  • Smart house automation
  • Digital advertising

Our capabilities

At RedPixie, our hyper-scale services mean we can help you build enterprise-grade infrastructure to take recorded IoT event data and turn it into something that drives your business and allows for immediate global scale. With this power, you can run millions of transactions per second.

In our toolkit we have IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, SQL Data Warehouse and Machine Learning to name just a few. Using data science, we can help you really understand your data and what its behaviour means.


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