Microsoft Azure

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure?

At RedPixie one of our core services is helping our clients seamlessly transition to the Microsoft Azure platform and realise the benefits of no longer owning their own infrastructure.

We can help you design and manage a single server environment, right through to a globally diverse datacentre solution, which will allow your business to scale within minutes, delivering impact across both efficiency and your bottom line. 

With Azure the sky’s the limit, as you wave a fond farewell to office-based servers, backup drives and tapes, costly hardware purchases, licensing and warranty worries and say hello to secure access on any device and peace of mind through ultra-resilient cloud-based backups.

Is Azure right for your business?

Microsoft Azure is incredibly quick

When it comes to deployment, operations and other business critical matters – speed is essential.

The global reach of Azure

The need to not only store, but access global data is very important to organisations who look to scale.

Azure is built with development in mind

There is a huge array of development integrations, with the bonus feature of visual studio built right in.

Microsoft Azure knows disaster recovery

With data being transferred globally, you need the assurance that fail-over and relevant proportions are taken.

Security in Azure

Tools like single-sign on means that both business can feel secure, but individuals can adopt their usual practices.

Azure is compliant

With Microsoft doing the heavy lifting, you can be assured that different regulations from global bodies are observed.


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